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The advanced optics, digital capabilities, and modular design of the Eclipse LV150N Series microscopes allows an unprecedented level of versatility and flexibility that enables them to cover a wide variety of products and applications extending from development and quality control to manufacturing inspection. These microscopes provide superb performance when inspecting semiconductors, flat panel displays, packages, electronics substrates, materials, medical devices, and a variety of other samples.


1. ECLIPSE LV100NPOL/50iPOL series

Outstanding optical performance, perfect for a wide varietyof imaging applications and polarizing techniques Accomplishes advanced polarizing microscopy under both diascopic and episcopic illumination

    • Nikon has developed a new high-intensity 50W halogen light source that provides greater brightness than a conventional 100W halogen light source. Brightness is increased by approximately 20 to 40% with objective magnifications of 50x and higher. This new light source consumes lower electrical power and generates very little heat, greatly reducing focus drift resulting from light source heat.

– Improved body shape realizes higher robustness. Due to newly designed stage mount, the LV100V POL achieves double rigidity compared to the conventional model.
– Nosepiece comes with a DIN standard compensator slot.
– All five objectives on the nosepiece are centerable.
– Uses CFI60 optics, realizing both high N.A. and long working distance.
– Clamp-type focusing mechanism makes for easy, safe sample exchange.

Accomplishes advanced polarizing microscopy under both diascopic and episcopic illuminationThese



  • Both diascopic and episcopic polarizing observations are possible by mounting the LV-UEPI universal epi-illuminator. Switching the illumination technique is a simple operation. The epi-illuminator uses the same lamphouse as the diascopic illuminator, with the 12V-50W lamp as standard, which provides brighter illumination than a conventional 100W lamp. With an optional universal-type nosepiece and DIC accessories including objectives, episcopic differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy is also possible.
Industry-acclaimed CFI60 optics objectives



  • Nikon�셲 proprietary infinity optics-the CFI60 system-successfully deliver long working distances and high numerical apertures and produce tack-sharp aberration-free images regardless of magnification. The new CFI LU Plan Fluor EPI P objective series uses eco-glass that is manufactured with no harmful substances such as lead and arsenic, enabling an environmentally conscious design.
Bertrand Lens Incorporated into Design of Intermediate Tube



  • The Bertrand lens enables both the observation and capture of conoscopic and orthoscopic images. The Bertrand lens is also focusable and centerable.
Vibration Resistant Stage



  • The large sized circular stage is supported near the optical axis and incorporates steal cross roller guides making the stage twice as stable and durable as conventional models. The stage is also extremely accurate, centerable to the optical axis, and provides click-stops at 45째 increments. Nosepiece comes with a DIN standard compensator slot to accept various compensators for advanced quantitative measurements. All five objectives are centerable.

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